The unique healing properties1 of PHYSIOMER®

PHYSIOMER® effectively soothes all symptoms linked to cold and allergic rhinitis. To help ease breathing during a cold or allergic rhinitis or to speed post-operative recovery, PHYSIOMER® offers you a clinically proven2, natural solution.

Say goodbye to cold symptoms!

Sneezing, runny nose, nasal congestion sometimes accompanied by throat irritation and headaches… PHYSIOMER®, your ally to manage it.

PHYSIOMER® for adults

Relieve your Kid’s stuffy nose

Young children can catch up to 10 colds a year, as their immune system is built up by coming into contact with viruses. Relieves your child’s nose with PHYSIOMER® Kids.

PHYSIOMER® for children

Help your baby to breathe better

During a cold, just a small amount of mucus can block your baby’s tiny nostrils. Help your baby breathe better with our PHYSIOMER® Baby dedicated range.

PHYSIOMER® for babies

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