Daily nasal care, allergies and breathing difficulties

They say that prevention is better than cure, so maintaining your nasal health should be considered an important part of your routine. That’s not just to stave off those bugs that seem to make the rounds every winter – a clear nose helps you sleep better, and prevents viruses and bacteria travelling further into the body too.

Daily Nasal Care

In fact, daily use of PHYSIOMER®’s natural products has been clinically proven to protect against colds and allergic rhinitis, defending your entire respiratory system from pollution, tobacco smoke and more. Using 100% natural seawater from the bay of Saint-Malo, PHYSIOMER® products make for an effective daily cleanser, helping to keep you healthy all year round.

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Symptoms and Natural Treatments

Colds and allergies can hit fast, so it doesn’t take long before you can start feeling under the weather. Fortunately, PHYSIOMER®’s nasal solutions have been clinically proven to effectively soothe all symptoms linked to both colds and allergic rhinitis – and help you breathe more easily on a day-to-day basis too. Best of all, our totally natural products are made from 100% seawater, containing all the essential trace elements vital to human health. If you want a natural solution to provide much-needed relief from cold and allergy symptoms as well as effectively maintain your respiratory health, try PHYSIOMER®.

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Blocked nose

Natural Congestive Nasal Sprays

Struggling with cold or allergy symptoms? PHYSIOMER®’s range of congestive nasal sprays can help you get back to breathing normally – and all by using the natural goodness of the sea.

Our treat and repair solutions retain 100% of the minerals contained in seawater, aiding repair of the nasal mucous membrane, clearing your airways and controlling inflammation. Best of all, this natural solution has been clinically proven to ease all symptoms of both the common cold and allergic rhinitis – whether your nose is runny or blocked.

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Cold and Flu

Sneezing, fever, runny nose, congestion, sore throat and headaches – the common cold comes with an array of uncomfortable symptoms. As the most frequent infectious disease in humans, most adults will suffer a cold two or three times a year, so it’s worth thinking about preventing and treating the symptoms before they arise. To cut the number of colds over the winter period, and help ease breathing during a cold without any side effects, PHYSIOMER® offers you a clinically proven, natural solution with our range of nasal cleansing products.

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Congestion and Breathing Difficulties

Did you know that PHYSIOMER® can treat congestion issues as well as support breathing? Our natural products derived from 100% seawater relieve the symptoms of congestion while protecting your respiratory system. Safeguard your family against illnesses, or treat breathing difficulties with our safe, effective and natural solution to everyday congestion problems. PHYSIOMER® has unique soothing properties, enabling you to breathe more easily. Nasal cleansing with PHYSIOMER® removes infectious agents and helps to restore the function of the mucous membrane as a protective barrier – thus promoting healing.

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Do you have a sensitive nose prone to allergic rhinitis? PHYSIOMER® offers a whole range of solutions adapted to your particular symptoms. PHYSIOMER® Hypertonic, for example, has been clinically proven to ease all of the uncomfortable symptoms of allergic rhinitis, including sneezing, runny nose and stuffy nose. When allergies strike, products such as PHYSIOMER® Hypertonic act as a decongestant treatment. Unlike pharmaceutical products, PHYSIOMER® is an effective natural way to combat allergies. It’s made from 100% seawater, so it won’t cause any nasty side effects like irritation or dryness, and carries no risk of habit forming.

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