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Physiomer label
Proven efficacy
Physiomer label

PHYSIOMER® Hypertonic

  • 2 years +
  • Pack size: 135ml
  • Pack size: 20ml

PHYSIOMER® Hypertonic is a natural decongestant nasal spray to help clean nasal passages effectively and restore breathing.

PHYSIOMER® Hypertonic is an effective alternative to medicated decongestant. Its use is ideal for chronic symptoms, especially in case of allergic rhinitis & chronic rhinosinusitis.

Why choose PHYSIOMER® ?
  • Recommended by ENT specialists*
  • Proven efficacy**
  • No habit-forming effect
  • Safe to use during pregnancy
For what?
  • Cold and Blocked nose
  • Allergic rhinitis
  • Sinusitis

Why choose PHYSIOMER® Hypertonic ?

PHYSIOMER® Hypertonic relieves nasal congestion caused by a cold, an allergic rhinitis or a sinusitis. It reduces the severity and duration of cold/rhinitis related symptoms.

PHYSIOMER® Hypertonic can be used in combination with other decongestant such as oral antihistaminic. It is safe for long term use, up to 2 months. It does not interfere with the natural function of the nasal mucosa.

Thanks to PHYSIOMER® Hypertonic, breathe freely, naturally.

  • 100% seawater: thanks to a specific production process, PHYSIOMER® Hypertonic formula preserves the richness of minerals of seawater.
  • PHYSIOMER® Hypertonic formula is a natural alternative to medicated decongestants. The decongestant action has been clinically proven in case of acute and chronic rhinitis.
  • PHYSIOMER® Hypertonic formula contribute to reduce the concommitant use of medicines.
  • Ingenious packaging: PHYSIOMER® bottle is unique, with a diffusion system without propellant gas allowing a continuous soft flow, unbreakable and can be used in all positions for more usage comfort.


PHYSIOMER® Hypertonic is your partner to reduce nasal symptoms caused by a cold, an allergic rhinitis or a chronic rhinosinusitis. Discover the other “Decongestant” solutions.

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Recommended use

In cases of allergic rhinitis, cold and sinusitis: A 1 to 3 seconds spray in each nostril, 2 to 3 times a day, up to 6 times a day.

  • Can be used for long term, up to 2 months in case of chronic symptoms : allergic rhinitis & rhinosinusitis.
  • A temporary tingling sensation may occur in case of sensitivity or nasal irritation.
  • See instruction leaflet before use.


Hypertonic seawater formula (with a concentration equivalent to 22g/l of total mineral salts).

  • 100% natural seawater
  • No preservatives
  • Sterile
  • pH adapted to the physiology of the nasal mucosa*

Precautions: Keep out of the reach and sight of children.

How to use PHYSIOMER® ?

Watch the How to use PHYSIOMER® Sprays video here: How to Use Video

Before use: check if the spray works properly.
Adult supervision is recommended for use in children.


1. Tilt the head to one side

Gently insert the nozzle in the upper nostril and press the nozzle once firmly for 1-3 seconds. Let the solution act for a few seconds.


2. Repeat with the other nostril


3. Blow your nose gently

Wash the nozzle with hot water after each use and dry properly.

If nasal symptoms prevail beyond 10 days, consult a healthcare professional.

No habit-forming effect – Safe to use during pregnancy.