A story of Seawater

Seawater is the birthplace of life on our planet. Comprised of salts dissolved in pure water, seawater is very much like the physiological liquid that surrounds every cell in our own bodies.

The seawater we use in PHYSIOMER® is collected from the waters off the bay of Saint-Malo and transported directly to the Saint-Malo pharmaceutical facility. Our production process leads to a product with a unique formula combining 80 minerals.

From the bay of Saint-Malo

The Bay of Saint-Malo constitutes a unique marine ecosystem thanks to its geographical location. Its exceptional tidal range, the greatest in Europe, ensures that the entirety of the water in the bay is renewed with every tidal cycle, benefiting from a higher oxygenation, favouring the growth of organic matter.

All these unique characteristics combined lend exceptional potential to the seawater found in the Bay of Saint-Malo.

	To the rest of <span>the world</span>

To the rest of the world

PHYSIOMER® is distributed in almost 60 countries worldwide. PHYSIOMER®, it is also:

  • 18 clinical studies;
  • 1500 patients monitored during clinical studies;
  • 12 patents.
	To the rest of <span>the world</span>

PHYSIOMER® to prevent

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PHYSIOMER® to treat

Blocked nose? Stuffy or runny nose? PHYSIOMER® effectively relieves cold & allergy related symptoms and helps you breathe better.

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