From cold and flu to pollution: the everyday benefits of nasal hygiene

As temperatures drop, our concerns around contracting the common cold or flu naturally rise. Although minor and manageable, these winter season ailments can certainly feel disruptive to your day-to-day life.

Thankfully, you can serenely face the coldest days by implementing a simple hygiene routine, of which nasal irrigation can be a primary component. This page will tell you everything you need to know about managing your self-care nasal health regime and how to keep pathogens at bay.

What is nasal hygiene?

Your nose, of course, is the primary organ of your respiratory system. With every breath you take, you inhale pathogens, and it is your nose’s mission to filter them by trapping them in the nasal fossae’s mucus lining.

If this first line of defence is impaired, and an infection occurs, your nasal fossae become in turn irritated and start to produce more mucus to get rid of the virus. Your nose consequently becomes blocked or runny.

It is wise to do all you can to prevent the incubation period from starting altogether. After all, prevention is famously better than cure.

The benefits of daily nasal hygiene

Maintaining a nasal hygiene routine can really make a difference to your daily life. Thanks to PH levels that are adapted to your mucous membrane, PHYSIOMER® saline and isotonic nasal rinses are safe for everyday use, even for young children and babies. Choose the one that suits you best from our tailored range and navigate winter with an eased mind.

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Few ways in which nasal irrigation can benefit you:

1. Preventing colds and flu

In recent years, public health services have often communicated the inefficiency of antibiotics in treating the common cold and the flu as both are caused by viruses. Two distinct strains of these microscopic invaders are responsible for the cold and the flu: the latter is induced by the influenza virus whilst the cold is, most of the time, attributed to rhinoviruses.

While invisible to the naked eye, these germs are very contagious. When an infected person sneezes, they spread the viruses, contained in the droplets evacuated, into the air. Merely being nearby when this happens can be enough for you to catch their cold or flu.


During winter, the body’s natural defences have to work harder to deal with illnesses, which makes it vital to help them out however you can. Daily nasal irrigation with a PHYSIOMER® nasal spray can help you fight off common bugs. Made of undiluted sea salt water, rich in beneficial oligo-elements, our sterilized nasal sprays are clinically proven to free your nose from unwelcomed particles – thus lowering the risk of a condition developing.

2. Defending against pollution

Fumes emanating from cars, cigarettes’ smoke, irritant chemicals from household products… We are constantly being warned about the detrimental effect outdoor and indoor pollutions can have – especially if you already have any pulmonary conditions.

Keeping in mind the role pollution plays in diminishing your body’s resistance can help you adopt a more holistic approach to your health.

Clinical studies have shown that PHYSIOMER® nasal sprays effectively remove unwanted substances such as dust, smoke and other polluting pathogens, helping you maintain normal breathing.

3. Achieving a good night’s sleep

A runny, blocked or dry nose can interrupt hours of sleep – which then has a knock-on effect on the hours you are awake. You’ll know the feelings – from a lack of energy to a struggle to focus. It stands to reason then that appeasing these symptoms is something that’s well worth your time.

That’s where PHYSIOMER® comes in. By flushing out our noses regularly, we are clearing our airways, giving us the best possible chance of a rejuvenating night’s sleep.


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