Fast natural remedies for the common cold and how to prevent symptoms

There is never a good moment to catch the common cold. Whether you’re on holiday or have a busy week ahead at work, illness always seems to strike at the least convenient times.

As soon as you start to feel the classic cold symptoms – sore throat, a runny or blocked nose and generally feeling under the weather – your mind quickly turns to making them go away as fast as possible. Help is fortunately at hand, and natural remedies can prove highly effective. This article outlines some of the best natural ways to ease the symptoms of the common cold, as well as steps you can take to prevent yourself falling ill in the first place too.

Why try natural methods to treat the common cold?

Conventional medicines are many people’s first port of call when they fall ill with a cold, but they’re not suitable for everyone. Decongestant tablets, for example, may not be appropriate for pregnant women, young children or people with high blood pressure. They can also bring side effects such as drowsiness or headaches.

If you’re unsure, it’s always worth speaking to a doctor before you start any treatment. And remember that there are fast, natural remedies for a cold that don’t bear the same risks.

Rest as much as you can

Rest gives your body the best chance of recovering naturally from a cold fast, so it should form a major part of any treatment you opt for. Don’t feel guilty about not exercising as much as you usually do, don’t pressure yourself into doing chores and allow yourself to stay in bed if you need to.

Once under your blanket, aim to get at least seven hours of sleep at a time. During this period, the pituitary gland in your brain releases a growth hormone that helps the body repair itself. Note that staying away from screens will lower your stress level and facilitate your falling asleep too.

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Drink plenty of herbal infusions

It can be challenging to achieve a rejuvenating rest when your nose is blocked or runny, and your throat a little painful. Furthermore, a cold can make you less inclined to drink water, which can lead to dehydration. Sipping flavoured infusions throughout the day can be a great solution to both issues.

While the steam escaping from your favourite mug will help loosen the excess of mucus in your nose, the warm water itself will soothe your throat. It will also temporarily make you perspire and thus get rid of toxins. Thyme and sage infusions are often recommended because of the plants’ antiseptic virtues.


Sanitise the air with essential oils

In order to maintain a space that best fosters rapid recovery, you could consider sanitising the air of your room with essential oils that boost antibacterial and antivirus properties, such as tea tree, eucalyptus, or lavender.

They can each be dropped into a proper diffuser, or blended together. Be careful though to not ingest or directly use undiluted essentials oils on your skin. One of PHYSIOMER®’s nasal sprays combines sea salt water with organic balsam fir and lemon – a specific formula that harnesses their power and allows you to safely benefit from it.

Natural methods to prevent colds

Maintain a nasal hygiene routine

Making nasal hygiene a habit is one of the best ways to prevent the symptoms of the cold from declaring themselves. Setting up steam inhalations can be both time-consuming and impractical – far from an ideal task when you’re not feeling your best. PHYSIOMER®’s handy nasal sprays have been expressly designed for ease of use on a daily basis.

Your nose is a fantastic, complex organ designed to ward off intruders, but you can still assist it in removing pollution particles and pathogens. Composed of isotonic sea water with a pH level perfectly suited to your mucous membrane, PHYSIOMER®’s sprays are clinically proven to gently do just that.

Support your immune system

Another part of your body that needs your support is your immune system. This is especially true in the winter, but it is wise to think ahead and adopt a healthy lifestyle all year round. Sleep – again – and diet are both important when it comes to backing your immune system.

You should continue to consume fresh, seasonal antioxidants-packed fruits and fibre-rich vegetables full of essential oligo-elements and vitamins, and remain aware of your alcohol intake. You can also incorporate into your diet aliments such as garlic, ginger and maca, plants that have a variety of health benefits. Consider using raw honey as a sweetener for your herbal infusions.

Keep warm when outside

It’s important to prepare for all that winter brings – and that means dressing with the temperature’s drop in mind. Maintaining an adequate body heat is essential for your body to function and fight off infections.

Roughly 30 percent of our body warmth escapes from our head, which is why it is advisable to wear a warm hat whenever exposed to the elements. And look after your extremities – our hands, as well as our feet, are also very sensitive to the cold. Wear a pair of gloves to protect your fingers, double your socks if necessary, and opt for a generous scarf. Style can be preserved – but what matters most is to go through winter in suitable gear, free of the common cold!


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