How PHYSIOMER® is made ?

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A device built for safety and security

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1 The 100% seawater PHYSIOMER® solution, sterile and with no preservatives.

2 A one-way valve ensuring a guaranteed sterility during all shelf life of the product, even during occasional use.

3 A clear PET pouch of pharmaceutical quality containing the PHYSIOMER® sterile solution with no contact with the outside.

4 A natural rubber sleeve creates a mechanical compression of the pounch to obtain a gentle spraying.

5 A bottle with no propellant gas enabling a softer and child-friendly use, ideal for children and toddlers.

6 A lubricant facilitates the introduction of the rubber sleeve.

A unique device

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    Sterile pounch (in PET). No interaction between container and content.

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    Addition of the rubber sleeve to ensure a gentle diffusion of the solution.

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    Filling in sterile conditions.

  • device_04

    Diffusion with no propellant gas.

Our unique production process

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    Seawater collection

    The seawater is collected from the waters off the bay of Saint-Malo and transported directly to Saint-Malo pharmaceutical facility.

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    All impurities (planktons, sand, microorganisms, etc.) are removed from the seawater by filtration.

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    At this stage, the seawater still contains a high level of salt, which can harm the nasal mucosa. Electrodialysis removes these salts in excess without modifying the mineral content of seawater. The final solution has a salt concentration identical to that found in the human body (this is called an isotonic solution) or a greater concentration in the case of a hypertonic solution.

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    This unique process, patented by Laboratoire de la Mer, guarantees the sterility of the solution without the need for preservatives or other chemicals that may be aggressive for the nose.

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    Filling of the bottles

    The solution is now ready to be packaged into bottles. This step is performed in a sterile environment.

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    Regular quality controls are done throughout the production process, from seawater collection to product availability on the market. These control measures ensure a natural and high-quality product that meets the most stringent international standards (EC standards, sterile A label).

3 diffusions strenghts

Depending on the secretions type and patient symptoms severity. Depending on the type of secretions, symptoms of the patient and age. For a soft and child-friendly use, ideal for young children and toddlers.



Gentle diffusion for delicate noses


Normal jet

Abudant secretions


Strong jet

Purulant secretions