In case of the common cold

How is PHYSIOMER most effective?

To help ease breathing during a cold without any side effects whatsoever, and to cut the number of colds over the winter period, PHYSIOMER offers you a clinically proven, natural solution with its range of nasal cleansing products.
Retaining 100% of its minerals, PHYSIOMER effectively soothes all symptoms linked to the cold by bringing you the necessary minerals to help regenerate the respiratory mucous membrane. PHYSIOMER solution has unique soothing properties.
Nasal cleansing with PHYSIOMER Normal Jet during a cold is proven to be effective*. It offers:
  • Significant improvement in breathing (+ 45%), and a reduction in nasal secretions (- 38%),
  • Significant improvement in patient’s general state of (+ 45% in cases of the common cold, and + 41% in cases of ‘flu),
  • A reduction in medication use, both oral and local (- 55% for nasal decongestants, - 47% for mucolytics).
After a cold, daily use of PHYSIOMER Normal Jet enables:
  • 58% reduction in the number of sick days
  • 64% reduction in the number of days off school
  • 75% reduced risk of complications
*Open-label, multicentre, randomised clinical study, conducted in 390 children aged between 6 and 10 years, suffering from the common cold or flu, divided into 2 parallel groups, under otolaryngologic and pediatric control.


When suffering with a cold, PHYSIOMER helps you to fight against excessive secretion in the nasal cavities that stops the movement of the tiny hairs that line the respiratory mucous membrane, causing nasal obstruction. The blockage may therefore result from nasal secretions as much as from inflammation and/or swelling of the nasal lining. Nasal congestion can also be accompanied by throat irritation and headaches.
To treat your cold effectively, choose the PHYSIOMER product that is best adapted for whichever stage your cold is at:
  • Runny nose:
  • Fluid secretions: Normal Jet
  • Thick or purulent nasal discharge : Strong Jet
  • Blocked nose:
  • Hypertonic for Sensitive Noses**
  • Eucalyptus for its fast decongestant action in only 3 minutes
In doubt over the best PHYSIOMER for you? Consult the PHYSIOMETER.


UNIQUE to PHYSIOMER, treat AND repair

PHYSIOMER retains 100% of the minerals contained in seawater.
PHYSIOMER solution:
  • Aids repair of the nasal mucous membrane which has been damaged by the cold virus
  • Increases mucociliary clearance and airway permeability
  • Helps to control inflammatory response
PHYSIOMER can be used during pregnancy and breastfeeding (except for PHYSIOMER Eucalyptus which contains Essential Oils).
PHYSIOMER is safe for use in high-risk patients after medical advice: diabetics, patients with heart conditions, thyroid disorders, elderly and multi-medicated patients, asthmatics…
**Pregnant or breastfeeding women, high-risk patients: diabetics, patients with heart conditions, thyroid disorders, elderly and multi-medicated patients, asthmatics…