Physiomer label
Physiomer label
Proven efficacy
Physiomer label


  • 15 days +
  • Pack size: 115ml

PHYSIOMER® Baby gently cleans your baby’s delicate nose on a daily basis, thanks to its Comfort Tip® & micro-diffusion “spray”.

In case of excess mucus, PHYSIOMER® Baby helps restore breathing as well as comfort and wellbeing during sleeping and feeding.

Why choose PHYSIOMER® ?
  • Recommended by paediatricians*
  • Proven efficacy
  • Comfort tip®
  • Multiposition usage
For what?
  • Runny and Stuffy nose
  • Cold and Rhinopharyngitis
  • Daily hygiene
  • Prevention

Why choose PHYSIOMER® for your Newborn & Baby?

Did you know that newborns and babies breathe exclusively through their nose ? They do not know how to blow their nose and are so prone to develop several infections a year. Not to mention all those unpleasant little things that a stuffy nose causes every day: loss of appetite, fitful sleep, crying and restless nights…Cleansing is therefore highly important !

With a cold or a rhinopharyngitis, PHYSIOMER® Baby relieves and, shortens severity and the duration of nasal symptoms; it also reduces the use of concomitant medications (related to upper respiratory tract infections).

On a daily basis, PHYSIOMER® Baby is an active preventive care of the ENT sphere : it contributes to protect against a cold and to limit the risk of a secondary ear, sinus, throat and chest infection.

Thanks to PHYSIOMER® Baby, help your toddler to breathe freely, naturally.

  • PHYSIOMER® Baby has a special soft tip - the Comfort Tip®. Fitted with a safety neck, the Comfort Tip® helps mothers to look after delicate little noses and ensures that the nasal cleansing process is gentle and child friendly!
  • 100% undiluted seawater: thanks to a specific production process, PHYSIOMER® preserves the richness of minerals of the seawater for higher speed of healing.
  • PHYSIOMER® has clinically proven efficacy, and is proven to be superior to simple saline solutions**.
  • Ingenious packaging: PHYSIOMER® bottle is unique, with a diffusion system without propellant gas allowing a continuous soft flow, it can be used in all positions for more comfort usage.


PHYSIOMER® Baby is your partner to reduce your Toddler’s nasal obstruction due to cold, rhinitis or rhinopharyngitis. Discover the other PHYSIOMER® solutions for your Baby.

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PHYSIOMER® Baby helps to remove mucus, bacteria, viruses, allergens (dust, pollen…) and pollutant. By cleansing and moistening nasal passages on a daily basis, PHYSIOMER® Baby contributes to protect against cold and rhinopharyngitis.

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Recommended use

From 15 days of age

  • In treatment of nasal symptoms in case of cold or rhinopharyngitis: 4 to 6 times a day, spray 1 to 2 seconds in each nostril.
  • In daily use, hygiene and prevention of nasal infections: 1 to 2 times a day, spray 1 to 2 seconds in each nostril.

See instruction leaflet before use.


Isotonic seawater formula (with a concentration equivalent to 9 g/l of NaCl ).

  • 100% natural seawater
  • No preservatives
  • Sterile
  • ph adapted to the physiology of the nasal mucosa

Precautions: Keep out of the reach and sight of children.

How to use PHYSIOMER®?

Watch the How to use PHYSIOMER® Baby video here: How to Use Video

Before use: check if the spray works properly. It is recommended to proceed nasal wash before feeding, when the child is awake and calm. Lay the baby down on a slightly inclined bed (30°) with his/her head to one side (never backwards to avoid the risk of wrong way into the throat).

baby spray 1

1. Spray some of the solution on your hand:

Spray some of the solution on your hand to check that the temperature is correct and get used to the pressure it delivers. You can also spray on baby’s hand to reassure him/her.

baby spray 2

2. Gently insert the nozzle in the upper nostril

Gently insert the nozzle in the upper nostril and press the nozzle once firmly for 1-2 seconds. Let the solution act for a few seconds.

baby spray 3

3. Repeat with the other nostril.

baby spray 4

4. Wipe his/her nose

Lift baby back up and wipe his/her nose or use a nasal aspirator device.

baby spray 5

5. Wash the nozzle

Wash the nozzle with hot water after each use and dry properly.

Before use: check if the spray works properly.