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Physiomer label
Physiomer label

PHYSIOMER® Baby Unidoses

  • From birth
  • Pack size: 5ml

Nasal cleansing from birth! The practical and easy-to-use PHYSIOMER® Baby single doses help clean, moisten and clear your newborn’s tiny nose, nostrils and eyelids!

PHYSIOMER® Baby single doses are filled with 100% seawater, for natural release of your baby’s nose during a cold and upper respiratory infection. It improves breathing and therefore improves your baby’s sleep and appetite.

Why choose PHYSIOMER® ?
  • Recommended by paediatricians*
  • Convenient and hygenic unidose
For what?
  • Daily hygiene
  • Eyelids cleaning
  • Cold and Rhinopharyngitis
  • Prevention

Why choose PHYSIOMER®
single doses for your newborn?

Did you know that newborns are particularly affected by nasal blockage or excess mucus: they have not yet learnt to blow their nose. They are very prone to develop several nasal infections and potential ENT complications a year! Not to mention all those unpleasant little things that a stuffy nose causes every day: loss of appetite, fitful sleep, crying and restless nights…

PHYSIOMER® Baby single doses gently clean your baby’s nasal passages and contributes to prevent potential complications of the nasal and ear passages.

Thanks to PHYSIOMER® Baby single doses, help your toddler to breathe freely, naturally.

  • Unlike conventional single doses made with physiological serum (or NaCl).
  • 100% undiluted seawater: thanks to a specific production process, PHYSIOMER® Baby Unidoses preserve the richness of minerals.
  • PHYSIOMER® contains undiluted seawater, proven to be superior to a simple saline solution.


PHYSIOMER® Baby Unidoses are your partner to reduce your toddler’s nasal obstruction caused by a cold, a rhinitis or a rhinopharyngitis. Discover the other PHYSIOMER® solutions for your Baby.

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PHYSIOMER® Baby Unidoses helps to remove mucus, bacteria, viruses, allergens (dust, pollen…) and pollutant. By cleansing and moistening nasal passages on a daily basis, PHYSIOMER® Baby Unidoses contributes to prevent against the occurrence of ENT complications (such as otitis).

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Recommended use

Nasal use:
As often as needed. 4 times a day for each nostril. A dose per nostril.
If baby’s little nose is heavily congested, use PHYSIOMER® Baby Mist with the PHYSIOMER® Baby Nasal Aspirator.

Ocular use:
Can be used as often as needed.

PHYSIOMER® Baby single doses are also recommended for cleansing your baby’s eyelids.
As often as needed. See instruction leaflet before use


Isotonic seawater (with a concentration equivalent to 9 g/l of NaCl).

  • 100% natural seawater
  • No preservatives
  • Sterile
  • pH adapted to the physiology of the nasal mucosa

Precautions: Keep out of the reach and sight of children.

How to use PHYSIOMER®?

NASAL WASH: For babies and newborns: It is recommended to proceed nasal wash before feeding, when the child is awake and calm.

Lay the baby down on a slightly inclined bed (30°) with his/her head to one side (never backwards to avoid the risk of wrong way into the throat).

1. Gently insert the tip in the upper nostril and press the single dose firmly to expel the solution within the nostril.

If needed, press a second time in order to fully empty the single dose.

2. Let the solution flow out through the other nostril.

3. Repeat with the other nostril.


  1. Wet a sterile compress with PHYSIOMER® single dose.
  2. Wipe the eyelids with the compress, make sure to avoid spreading dust, dirt or infection.
  3. Use a new compress for each eye.