PHYSIOMER® Baby Nasal Aspirator

  • for infants and young children

PHYSIOMER® Baby Nasal Aspirator gently relieves your baby’s runny & stuffy nose, removes excess mucus, helps baby to breathe more comfortably and thus improves the quality of sleep.

PHYSIOMER® Baby Nasal Aspirator has been specially designed to “respect” the delicate nostrils of babies but also to allow parents to perform effective care with hygienic and pratical use.

Why choose PHYSIOMER® ?
  • Soft nozzle tip
  • No bisphenol A
  • Hygienic device
For what?
  • Runny and stuffy nose
  • Cold and Rhinopharyngitis

Why choose PHYSIOMER®
Baby Nasal Aspirator for infants and young children ?

Infants and young children do not know how to blow their nose and are so prone to develop several nasal infections and potential ENT complications a year. Not to mention all those unpleasant little things that a stuffy nose causes every day: loss of appetite, fitful sleep, crying and restless nights…

PHYSIOMER® Baby Nasal Aspirator is indicated for the relief of nasal congestion in case of colds or rhinopharyngitis. For better removal of nasal secretion, PHYSIOMER® Baby Nasal Aspirator can be used in combination with PHYSIOMER® Baby unidoses, PHYSIOMER® Baby or PHYSIOMER® Baby Hypertonic.

PHYSIOMER® Baby Nasal Aspirator has a soft nozzle tip adapted to baby’s nose; its transparency body enables you to control the amount of mucus inspired.
It also comes with nasal filters to trap the mucus and is washable and reusable to ensure hygiene.

Thanks to PHYSIOMER® Baby Nasal Aspirator, help your toddler to breathe better, naturally.




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Recommended use

Use as often as necessary in case of clogged nose, especially before putting to bed or feeding baby. See instructions before use.


In the carrying case:

  • 1 nasal aspirator
  • 1 dispenser box containing 5 protective filters

TIP ! The carrying case allows:

– An easy and quick storage of all the nasal aspirator’s components
– With the possibility to carry up to 4 unidoses for an “outdoor” use

A refill pack of 20 single-use filters can be purchased separately from pharmacies.

How to use the PHYSIOMER® Baby Nasal Aspirator?

Watch the How to use PHYSIOMER® Baby Nasal Aspirator video here: How to Use Video

Before the first use rinse the Baby nasal aspirator under hot water and dry it thoroughly.
Proceed nasal aspiration before feeding, when the child is awake and calm.


1. Wash your hands. Insert a single-use filter in the back shell and close the device with the front shell.

Ensure that all components are properly assembled. Lay your baby down on his/her back.


2. Place the nasal aspirator soft tip at the entrance of baby’s nostril and gently aspirate through the mouthpiece.

Mucus is stopped by the protective filter.


3. Repeat in the nostril.


4. Gently lift the baby and wipe his/her nose with a tissue.

Throw away the used filter after each use.

After each use, rinse the PHYSIOMER® Baby Nasal Aspirator with hot water and dry it thoroughly. For hygiene reasons and to insure proper performances, insert a new single-use filter before each use.

Precautions: Keep out of reach and sight of your babies and children.
Chocking Hazard- Small parts.