Physiomer Hypertonic

PHYSIOMER Hypertonic, nasal spray decongestant

PHYSIOMER Hypertonic contains more salt than isotonic solutions and clears the nasal fossae mechanically through an osmotic effect. When it comes into contact with mucous cells, the latter contract and become less swollen. It is clinically proven to be particularly effective against cold, sinusitis and allergic rhinitis. Its 100% natural formula is ideal for clearing the nose and restoring nasal breathing without having a habit-forming effect or altering the nasal mucosa.

PHYSIOMER Hypertonic can be used to:

  • Reduce swelling through an osmotic effect
  • Clear the nose
  • Flush out infectious agents and allergens
  • Reduce reliance on corticosteroids and on proprietary medicated decongestants


For Who?

  • For children from 2 years / Adults

For What?

  • Blocked nose
  • Cold
  • Rhinopharyngitis
  • Allergic rhinitis
  • Sinusitis


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  • An excellent alternative to medicated decongestants, which also offers greater tolerability: A pH that does not dry out, damage or alter the mucosa. 
  • A solution suitable for extended use: PHYSIOMER Hypertonic can be used safely for up to 3 months.
  • Ideal for sensitive noses: PHYSIOMER Hypertonic is suitable for children over the age of 2 years, pregnant and nursing women, and people with high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease or thyroid disorders.


The nose is our first line of defence against external attack. It continuously secretes mucous to protect itself. When it comes into contact with cold viruses, the nasal mucosa produces an excess of antibody-laden secretions in order to neutralise its attackers: the result is a runny nose. If the viruses trapped in the mucous are not flushed away, the mucous membrane becomes inflamed and swollen, thus preventing the intake of air: the result is a stuffy nose.
This makes life very unpleasant: discomfort, inactivity, watering eyes... it is important to act quickly!

Stuffy nose caused by a cold, sinusitis or allergic rhinitis
1 to 3 sprays in each nostril, 2 or 3 times a day.

PHYSIOMER Hypertonic is a safe and effective alternative to medicated decongestants. PHYSIOMER Hypertonic does not dry out or damage the mucosa, or have a habit-forming effect. 


  • 100% natural seawater
  • Sterile
  • No preservatives or chemical additives.
  • Physiological pH specially adapted to the nasal mucosa
  • Hypertonic* 
*with a concentration equivalent to 22g/l of total salts, i.e. a concentration higher than that found in human body cells.

Our recommandations for use