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PHYSIOMER has opened this website http://www.physiomer.com to provide information and for the personal and private use of internet users. 
Visitors to the site undertake to comply with the current general conditions of use, which may be supplemented by specific conditions for certain services.
PHYSIOMER reserves the right to modify or update access to the website at any time, as well as the General Conditions of Use. These amendments and updates are binding on the user, who must refer regularly to this section in order to verify the current General Conditions of Use.


The present website is an original work, protected by copyright and, more generally, Intellectual Property law. Any documents of any type (in particular, photographs, illustrations, diagrams, texts, slogans, audiovisual films, audio messages) published on this website are the property of PHYSIOMER or of third parties having authorised PHYSIOMER to publish them on our website.
The "PHYSIOMER" name and its logo are registered trade marks and/or original works protected by copyright and are the property of the PHYSIOMER company.
The website may include trademarks belonging to third parties with whom PHYSIOMER has signed agreements or licences.
In all cases, the quotation, reproduction or representation of the works of any type (in particular, photographs, illustrations, diagrams, texts, slogans, audiovisual films, audio messages) and trademarks present on this website is authorised solely for the personal and private use of users of the website. Partial reproductions are also authorised (extracts and short quotations) in accordance with the provisions of article L122-5 of the French Intellectual Property code.
No reproduction or representation of this site, including extracts thereof, is authorised for advertising or commercial purposes; any use of this type without the prior permission of PHYSIOMER shall constitute an infringement of copyright.
The foregoing obligations do not apply to journalists or press publishers, for whom PHYSIOMER makes available iconographic documents and press releases that may be freely viewed, reproduced and displayed to illustrate their articles and press publications. Such materials are available in the "Newsroom" section of the website.


Any person shown on the website (either in photos or in films published on it) have authorised the use of their image on our website.
No reproduction, display or use of any type of such photos and films may be made by the users of the website without the prior written permission of PHYSIOMER, which will itself obtain permission from the persons concerned. 


The users of this Website, particularly those who post their content (texts and/or images) in the personal space provided, or those who participate in any discussion forum opened by PHYSIOMER shall refrain from publishing any illicit content whatsoever (texts and/or images) that violates the French law of 21 June 2004 and the French Criminal Code and, in particular, any content that endangers minors, is racist or defamatory, violates privacy or is obscene. Pursuant to the current legislation and the provisions of the French Criminal Code, PHYSIOMER is obliged to report to the judicial authorities any such conduct or content.
Any user of this website wishing to report to PHYSIOMER the presence of content considered to be illicit, as defined above, is invited to send an email to contact@physiomer.com and to send a confirmation by registered letter with return receipt requested to the following address:
Laboratoire de la Mer
Z.A.C. La Madeleine
Avenue du Général Patton
35400 Saint-Malo, France 



4.1 Provisions common to all internet users:

While browsing through certain pages of this website, internet users may communicate personal information to PHYSIOMER. Communicating such information or data is optional. Any personal data collected in this manner is intended exclusively for PHYSIOMER and members of the association, for the purposes of analyses or surveys and, in the case of forms intended for this use, for the purpose of answering questions submitted by internet users or, as will be specified on a case-by-case basis, for the purposes of processing games/competitions or promotional operations proposed, where applicable.
Except for the uses mentioned above, such information is considered confidential and treated as such. Such information will be retained on file for no more than one year or, where applicable, for the duration required to process games/competitions or promotional operations proposed on the website.
Pursuant to the French law entitled "Informatique et Libertés" ["Information Technology and Civil Liberties"] No. 78-17 of 6 January 1978, persons who communicate personal data are entitled to access, correct or delete such data free of charge by using the form provided for that purpose on the website, by sending an e-mail to contact@physiomer.com. Said requests must be confirmed by faxing a copy of the user's identity card bearing the user's signature. The request must specify the returning mailing address. PHYSIOMER shall have a period of 2 (two) months after receipt of the request to communicate, supplement or delete the information, as appropriate.
Internet users who consent on forms to receive e-mails containing information from PHYSIOMER and members of PHYSIOMER may revoke said consent at any time, either by clicking on the link provided to this purpose at the bottom of the e-mails they receive or by sending an e-mail with "unsubscribe" on the subject line to: contact@physiomer.com

4.2 Specific provisions relative to minors:

Having accessed this website, in order to subscribe to it, minors must have obtained the prior permission of their parents. For this reason, young internet users are asked to provide the email address and contact details of their parents in the spaces reserved for their use. This information will allow us to verify that parents have given their children permission to use the site.

4.3 Information Technology and Civil Liberties

Pursuant to Article 6 of the French law of 21 June 2004 entitled "pour la confiance en l'économie numérique" [law promoting confidence in e-commerce], the web hosting service retains the website users' connection data covered by professional secrecy and processed in compliance with the statutory provisions on personal data when such data makes it possible to identify the users of the website.


It is prohibited to insert a hyperlink to this Website without prior written authorisation from PHYSIOMER. If you wish to insert a hyperlink to our website, you should contact the person in charge of the website directly. PHYSIOMER shall under no circumstances be held liable for providing access to websites via hyperlinks on the present website and shall not be held liable for the content, products, services, etc. available on said websites or via said websites.


When you browse through the website, cookies are stored in your computer. A cookie does not permit the publisher or web hosting service to identify you. However, it records information on how you browse our website on your computer (the pages you have viewed, date and time of viewing, etc.) that we can read during your subsequent visits. This information is stored in your computer for a period of 3 months.
You can delete the information manually by performing the following steps:

  • For Microsoft internet explorer 7.0 and later versions:
    • From the menu bar, select the "Tools" menu;
    • In the drop-down menu, select internet options;
    • Click on the privacy tab;
    • Click on the advanced button in the settings section;
    • In the advanced privacy settings window, check that the override automatic cookie handling option is not checked.

  • For Firefox 3 and later versions:
    • From the menu bar, select the "Tools" menu;
    • In the drop-down menu, select options;
    • Click on the privacy icon;
    • Click on Clear my history now in the privacy section;
    • Check the cookies option in the Clear my history now window and click on the Clear my history now button.

  • For Opera 6.0:
    • Select the file menu;
    • Click on the preferences tab;
    • Click on the privacy tab;

  • For Google chrome:
    • Click on the icon;
    • In the drop-down menu, select options;
    • In the Google chrome options window, select the advanced options tab;
    • In the privacy section, under the cookies settings heading, select allow all cookies;
    • In the cookies window, click on the delete all button.

However, we would inform you that access to certain services and sections of the site may be slowed down or impossible as a result of deleting cookies.


PHYSIOMER, as well as the web hosting service and, more generally, every company contributing to the design, production and online publishing of this website, make every effort to ensure the accuracy and regular updating of the information published on this website. PHYSIOMER and its specialised service providers reserve the right to correct and modify the content of the website and shall under no circumstances be held liable on that account.
PHYSIOMER and the service providers thereof shall not be held liable for any elements beyond their control or any damage that may be suffered by internet users or their technical environment, particularly their computers, software, equipment, networks (modems, telephone, etc.) and any hardware used to access or use the website.


These General Conditions of Use shall be governed by French law. Likewise, if the site publisher offers internet users the opportunity to take part in games or competitions, these shall be governed by French law and will be aimed at a public living in France, unless otherwise stipulated in a specific clause of the game or competition.
In the event of any dispute relative to interpretation of the General Conditions of Use, the French courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction.

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