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The market leader in Europe for nasal hygiene products sold in pharmacies, PHYSIOMER®* is the specialist brand for natural solutions to help people breathe more easily. Recommended by health professionals, PHYSIOMER® gently and effectively cleanses, moisturises and relieves nasal congestion. PHYSIOMER® also helps prevent colds and rhinopharyngitis, as well as recurrences and ENT complications.

In English-speaking countries, PHYSIOMER® is distributed under the brand names SINOCLEAR® and HYDRASENSE®.

Available in 60 countries worldwide, PHYSIOMER® stands out from its competitors by proposing 100% seawater nasal hygiene solutions, the efficacy, safety and tolerability of which have been demonstrated by randomised clinical studies. To guarantee their excellent tolerability, PHYSIOMER® products contain no preservatives or chemically-derived substances and use only natural, top-quality ingredients. Pleasant to use and with absolutely no effects on long-term health, PHYSIOMER® products can be used alone or in addition to medication without any side effects known to date:

  • No effect on other physiological functions
  • No interaction with other medications
  • No risk of allergic reactions**
  • Non-habit forming

Laboratoire de la Mer products are particularly suitable for people who need to be especially careful about their health, i.e. babies, children, allergy-sufferers and the elderly.


* In France, the PHYSIOMER brand belongs to the pharmaceutical company SANOFI and the products marketed under this brand name are distributed by Sanofi-Aventis France.
** PHYSIOMER Eucalyptus should not be used by pregnant or breastfeeding women or in the event of allergy to any of its ingredients.