Creation of PHYSIOMER

Creation of PHYSIOMER: Laboratoire de la Mer, a pioneer in Marine Science develops the PHYSIOMER brand. The idea was triggered by the observation that children prone to repeated colds in the wintertime are often fit and healthy in the summertime during the sea-bathing season.


PHYSIOMER proved its effectiveness

Thanks to the work of INSERM, PHYSIOMER proves that it is superior to seawater-based solutions and normal salines (regeneration, mucociliary beating).


Physiomer in Latin America and Maghreb 


PHYSIOMER arrives in Mexico, with its launch under the ALLEMAR brand.

PHYSIOMER arrives in North Africa, with its launch in Egypt


Physiomer in Asia 

PHYSIOMER arrives in Asia, with its launch in Korea


Physiomer launches a 100% natural decongestant 

The PHYSIOMER range expands, with the addition of PHYSIOMER Hypertonic, the natural and effective solution to relieve blocked noses in the event of colds, rhinosinusitis or allergic rhinitis.


PHYSIOMER Comfort Tip, nasal cleansing becomes a child's play

PHYSIOMER launches its comfort tip, specially designed for babies and young children, for gentler, more child-friendly nasal cleansing thanks to its safety neck and delicate spray.


Birth of PHYSIOMER Eucalyptus 


Birth of PHYSIOMER Eucalyptus, natural decongestant with its patented formula which combines the excellent decongestant properties of seawater with the fresh effect of the eucalyptus/mint natural aroma.
PHYSIOMER Eucalyptus decongests in just 3 minutes.


"Prix empreinte" for TV advert for PHYSIOMER Eucalyptus

PHYSIOMER wins the “Prix Empreinte” for its TV advert for PHYSIOMER Eucalyptus.


PHYSIOMER, the unique 100% seawater solution which efficacy is higher than normal salines and seawater-based solutions

PHYSIOMER renews its collaboration with INSERM. The result is a major discovery, UNIQUE to PHYSIOMER: a superior efficacy than all the other nasal cleansing products on the market (normal salines, seawater-based solutions).