Nasal Aspirator

Physiomer Nasal Aspirator

PHYSIOMER Nasal Aspirator

Babies below the age of 2 cannot blow their own noses. Luckily there is the PHYSIOMER Nasal Aspirator, which is specially designed to gently, effectively and quickly relieve stuffy noses. The nasal aspirator has an ultra-soft tip that does not irritate the delicate noses of tiny babies; it removes excess nasal secretions, thus helping baby to breathe more comfortably. The PHYSIOMER Nasal Aspirator comes with nasal filters to trap the mucus.

PHYSIOMER Nasal Aspirator can be used to :

  • Relieve baby's runny and stuffy nose
  • Eliminate excess of mucus
  • Facilitate the restoration of nasal respiration
  • Improve quality of sleep


For Who?

  • For babies from birth

For What?

  • Blocked nose
  • Runny nose
  • Cold
  • Rhinopharyngitis
  • Daily hygiene


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  • Gentleness! The first ever ultra-soft nozzle tip, specially designed by paediatricians for delicate noses.
  • Efficiency: it traps secretions and, thanks to its fully transparent design, the amount of mucus aspired can be controlled.
  • Total hygiene: fully washable and reusable, it is fitted with a protective filter that is changed after each use to ensure maximum cleanliness


As soon as they are born, babies and infants need the Physiomer Nasal Aspirator! Tiny children do not know how to blow and, on average, develop 8 infections a year. Not to mention all those unpleasant little things that a stuffy nose causes every day: loss of appetite, fitful sleep, crying and restless nights...
Runny or stuffy nose caused by a cold or by rhinopharyngitis
May be used as often as needed
Daily hygiene
May be used as often as needed
The best time? The PHYSIOMER Nasal Aspirator may be used as often as needed. By using it preferably before feeding and bedtime, it will help baby to breathe more comfortably and to eat and sleep better.


  • 1 small carrying case (able to hold up to 5 PHYSIOMER Unidoses sold separately)
  • 1 nasal aspirator
  • 1 dispenser box containing 5 protective filters
  • No bisphenol A, no phtalates
  • A refill pack of 20 single-use filters can be purchased separately from pharmacies.


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