Nasal cleansing an essential step for your child’s comfort


Nasal cleansing: an essential step for your child's comfort

Nasal cleansing for your childWhen your child starts to mix with other children (crèche/daycare, nursery school, etc.), he will be faced with a multitude of bacteria and viruses that are easily transmitted between children as they play together. Many of these are inoffensive or totally harmless. But some of them can cause infections of the nasal mucosa or throat. Your child's immune system is still developing and is not yet fully capable of fighting them. So it is essential to adopt a preventive approach, helping your child to defend himself against these attacks.

Physiomer acts on several levels:

  • By moistening the nasal cavity, it fluidifies the nasal secretions and hence aids the natural elimination of mucus;
  • It enhances mucociliary clearance and thereby promotes the elimination of mucus loaded with impurities and potential pathogens.
These physical actions help to reduce contact between pathogens and other irritants and the nasal mucosa.

But nasal cleansing is more than simply a physical action. When the nasal mucosa is infected, it becomes inflamed. This usually serves to eliminate microorganisms. But often, this inflammation gets a little out of control, damaging the mucous membranes and sometimes making the nasal congestion worse. In this situation, nasal cleansing with Physiomer :

  • Helps to reduce some of the factors involved in this inflammation ;
  • Helps the cells repair the damage suffered.
Physiomer is ideal for the treatment of these problems since studies have demonstrated that it is more effective than normal saline.

Physiomer: an effective solution

Nasal cleansing is a method known to help combat nasal obstruction and infections. Several clinical studies have demonstrated the advantages of Physiomer:
  • In the prevention of colds and ENT complications, nasal cleansing with Physiomer reduces cold episodes by 50% and the risk of ENT complications (ear infection and bronchiolitis) by 75%.
  • Once a cold is established, nasal cleansing reduces its symptoms and the resulting nasal discharge. It improves breathing by 66%.
  • The number of days of school missed is halved in children who regularly use Physiomer for nasal hygiene.
  • Last but not least, nasal cleansing with Physiomer significantly reduces the use of medication :
  • to treat fever (9% versus 33% use in children without nasal cleansing with Physiomer);
  • to fluidify mucus (9% versus 37%);
  • antibiotics (4% versus 21%).


Physiomer: a gentle. hygienic solution for your child's nose

Your child is still unable to blow his nose properly. Mucus that is too dry may stagnate in the nose or its production may be increased when your child is ill. This creates sites hosting bacteria and pathogens, which may multiply.

Physiomer Kids has been designed to help your child accept nasal cleansing, making it an enjoyable routine. Its natural, 100% seawater formula, with a very low salt content, does not contain any chemicals or preservatives that might irritate his nose. Its sterility is guaranteed, even when used intermittently, thanks to a patented process unique to Physiomer. 

The seawater is sprayed at room temperature in a fine mist for gentle cleansing that does not take your child by surprise. Finally, its bottle is unbreakable and can be used in all positions, for comfortable, flexible nasal cleansing. Physiomer Kids has all the ingredients to win over your child! It is a simple solution that your child can use all by himself, without any danger. An effective solution that your child can use totally independently, without your help.


The Physiomer range makes nasal cleansing easier for your child, using a simple, effective and safe method, without known side effects.
Used regularly as a preventive measure and following medication for colds and respiratory infections, it is an effective solution to reduce your child's discomfort. Physiomer Kids solution can be supplemented by Physiomer Hypertonic in the event of nasal congestion or allergic rhinitis and by Physiomer Eucalyptus in the event of a cold, for its rapid decongestant action.
Cleansing his nose by himself in all situations will become child's play!