Treating the common cold and its complications

Sneezing, fever, a burning sensation in the nose, nasal congestion sometimes accompanied by throat irritation and headaches… Remind you of something? That’s hardly surprising! The common cold is the most frequent infectious disease in humans and it is estimated that each adult suffers two to three times a year.


The common cold, rhinopharyngitis, what is it?

A simple “cold” resulting from bacterial or viral attack, rhinopharyngitis affects the upper airways. It links rhinitis (inflammation of the nasal mucous membrane), which leads to a blocked nose, a runny nose and nasal speech, with pharyngitis (inflammation of the pharynx, the back wall of the throat), causing a sore throat and husky voice.


  • The cold weakens the mucous membranes lining the airways. An absence of treatment therefore can give free rein to a secondary bacterial infection and can lead to complications such as otitis media (a middle ear infection), acute bronchitis (bronchial inflammation), or laryngitis (inflammation of the larynx or of the vocal cords).
  • Nasal cleansing with PHYSIOMER removes infectious agents and helps to restore the function of the mucous membrane as a protective barrier, thus preventing a simple cold from leading to further complications.


  • You have a runny and/or blocked nose
  • You have red eyes
  • You may have a mild fever
  • Your throat is sore or red
If you identify these signs please remember that it is always essential to seek the advice of a doctor to confirm a diagnosis.

How the illness develops

After a 2 to 5 day incubation period on average, the first stage of a cold begins with swelling of the mucous membrane and the sensation of a blocked nose: this is a dry cold. It is then followed by a humid phase with runny nose, clear at first but possibly becoming yellow or greenish in the case of more severe infection.


Treating the common coldIn the majority of cases a cold will clear up on its own after approximately 1 week. Treatment consists essentially of easing symptoms such as sore throat, headaches and nasal congestion.
Nasal solutions commonly used to treat colds are vasoconstrictors or antiseptic solutions. Use with caution, however, recommended doses must be respected in order to avoid any risk of overdose or side-effects such as nasal dryness or rebound effect etc.
To aid your comfort, to prevent respiratory complications and to stop the virus from spreading, begin treatment with nasal cleansing. It will ease symptoms of congestion and help you to avoid recurrent infections.



PHYSIOMER, the treatment of choice combining both efficacy and tolerance

Not all nasal solutions are the same! Unlike physiological saline solution or other isotonic seawater-based products that only contain 30% seawater, PHYSIOMER contains 100% seawater guaranteed. Its mineral richness lends it unique properties and a proven effectiveness: it acts at the core of the body’s cells, reducing inflammation and promoting healing of the nasal mucous membrane which has been damaged by the virus.
Scientific studies show that using PHYSIOMER, by reducing symptom severity, improves breathing by 47% in cases of the common cold, and improves patients’ overall wellbeing by 45%.
Unlike other solutions available on the market, such as vasoconstrictors (chemical decongestants), PHYSIOMER has the advantage of being perfectly tolerated, as its natural composition carries no risk of undesirable side effects. Thanks to its natural qualities, PHYSIOMER may be used without risk during pregnancy and breastfeeding, by top-level sports men and women, and in high-risk patients: diabetics, patients with heart conditions, thyroid disorders, elderly and multi-medicated patients, asthmatics…

How does PHYSIOMER work?

PHYSIOMER Normal Jet washes, hydrates, clears and delivers the minerals necessary to regenerate the respiratory mucous membrane, damaged by the virus during a cold.
In the treatment of nasal congestion, the hypertonic composition of PHYSIOMER Eucalyptus has a mechanical decongestant effect through the application of water. Upon contact, mucous membrane cells contract and decongest.

Helpful actions associated with PHYSIOMER

  • In addition to nasal cleansing, add plenty of rest and good hydration (at least 2 litres a day) – notably from warm fluids such as stocks and herbal tea. You will benefit from all the ingredients for a good recovery.
  • Also maintain a moderate room temperature (less than 21°), and a certain level of humidity in the air (between 80 and 90%), to clear secretions in the airways and reduce coughing. You may like to use a humidifier in the room and take hot showers or baths.
  • One last traditional home remedy: remember that gargling with warm salt water several times a day effectively soothes a sore throat.