Preventing colds and further complications


The importance of protecting against infections… and further complications

Upon contact with viruses, germs or allergens, the body’s defence mechanism is triggered into action and the mucous membrane responds by beginning to secrete thick mucus, which obstructs the nose. This in turn provides an environment for germs to gather and develop. This is a common cold or allergic rhinitis.
In this situation, in the absence of nasal hygiene or treatment, inflammation and/or infection can rapidly spread to other parts of the respiratory system, exposing us to multiple complications. Conditions affecting the upper airways (colds, rhinitis) are thus directly linked to those that affect the lower respiratory tract. The illness can spread rapidly, affecting:
  • the sinuses (sinusitis)
  • the pharynx (pharyngitis)
  • the bronchi (bronchitis)
  • the Eustachian tube (tubal catarrh)
  • the ears (otitis)

PHYSIOMER can help you to keep the ear, nose and throat region as healthy as possible, and thus plays a key role in the prevention of nasal and sinus infections.

Regular use for effective and preventive hygiene

All year round, and in particular during the winter period, regular use of PHYSIOMER allows the removal of undesirable particles as well as good nasal cavity hygiene. It therefore acts in the prevention of ENT infections such as the common cold, sinusitis and rhinopharyngitis.

PHYSIOMER, proven efficacy in fighting colds

Used as a preventive measure, PHYSIOMER cuts the incidence of colds by half, in both adults and children, over the winter period.
PHYSIOMER aids the respiratory system’s natural defence mechanism.