Post-operative care

PHYSIOMER, a valuable aid in the follow-up of nasal and sinus surgery, aesthetic surgery, meatotomy…

Nasal and sinus surgery Nasal and sinus surgery leads to the formation of numerous encrustations comprised of dried blood and infected secretions, which block the nasal cavities. PHYSIOMER Strong Jet has been proven to eliminate such blockages, to re-establish better breathing through the nose and to speed repair of the mucous membrane in areas affected by surgery.

With PHYSIOMER Strong Jet and its dynamic wash, benefit from a double action ideal for post-operative care:

Hydration and cleansing of the nasal cavities :

  • Effective removal of encrustations, thick and infected secretions
  • Deep cleansing and abundant irrigation of the nasal cavities to cleanse nasal passages, removing inhaled allergens and pathogens.
Mucous membrane repair and care :

  • Hydrates the nasal mucous membrane
  • Accelerates the healing process
  • Soothes itching and irritation


  • Significant reduction in nasal symptoms (rhinorrhoea, pruritus, encrustations, pus, nasal obstruction…)
  • Reduction in the number of days’ treatment - 48% in cases of sinus surgery and - 23% in cases of turbinate resection
  • Reduction in the number of post-operative consultations – 42% in cases of sinus surgery and – 27% in cases of turbinate resection
  • Excellent tolerance and acceptability in patients
  • Active prevention of complications such as synechiae (adhesions), secondary infections, seeping from the nasal mucous membrane, scabbing…

  * Retrospective clinical study conducted in approximately 104 patients who underwent endonasal surgery (turbinate resection with or without septoplasty, and ethmoidectomy or meatotomy) assigned to one or two groups. One group treated with PHYSIOMER Strong Jet, while the second was treated with Prorhinel (Benzododecinium bromide + Polysorbate). All participants were operated on by the same surgeon.