The benefits of a daily hygiene routine

Whatever the time of year, a runny, blocked or dry nose naturally prevents us from breathing well but it also prevents good quality sleep. Dust, tobacco smoke, and pollution represent many permanent aggressors to the airways, many of which we encounter on a daily basis.

Within this context, nasal cleansing, just as much as hand washing, is not just a simple act of hygiene but an real aspect of daily healthcare. It offers protection to the entire respiratory system, preventing the spread of viruses and bacteria to other organs: eyes, ears, throat and by extension, the bronchi.

Nasal cleansing is thus the first means of prevention against ENT complications.

PHYSIOMER Normal Jet, for hygiene and active prevention!

With PHYSIOMER Normal Jet, adopt a daily hygiene routine and clear away excess secretions, dust, smoke, allergens, pollution and other pathogens. PHYSIOMER Normal Jet gently cleanses, fluidifies and removes excess mucus. Thanks to its emollient effect it moistens dried encrustations blocking the nose, aiding their removal. Clinical studies prove it! Daily nasal cleansing with PHYSIOMER cuts the number of infections such as colds, rhinosinusitis and their infectious complications (ears, throat and bronchi) by half. 


Avoiding the common cold and ENT complications is simple and natural with PHYSIOMER

Once your nose comes into contact with viruses or germs it triggers your body’s defence systems and the mucous membrane responds. Once irritated, it begins to produce thick mucus, which obstructs the nose and where germs can hide and develop: this is the cold.  In maintaining good nasal hygiene with PHYSIOMER Normal Jet, you give your body’s natural defence mechanism the best chance to work effectively, limiting the appearance of colds, sinusitis, pharyngitis, influenza etc.


PHYSIOMER, the naturally effective 100% seawater solution

PHYSIOMER retains 100% of the minerals contained in seawater.
PHYSIOMER solution:

  • Aids healing in the irritated nasal mucous membrane
  • Improves mucociliary clearance and clears the airways
  • Helps to control inflammatory response
PHYSIOMER. Use daily for a cold-free winter.