Seawater from Saint-Malo

Seawater: A concentration of natural elements!

The birthplace of life on our planet, seawater is a solution comprised of salts dissolved in pure water, very much like the physiological liquid that surrounds every cell in our own bodies. These salts are responsible for the salinity of seawater (30 to 40g/kg depending on the geographical location), which has remained relatively stable for many billions of years.
Seawater contains more than two thirds of the 94 natural chemical elements that exist on our planet. Their presence in seawater is the result of numerous tectonic and chemical phenomena that have occurred over the geological ages. Amongst these elements the entirety of the trace elements – elements considered essential to human health – can be found. Seawater is thus the sole natural source containing all of the trace elements. Whatever the location, depth or distance from shore, the relative proportions of seawater’s main components remain relatively constant and therefore independent of salinity levels. In contrast, the total composition of seawater is extremely variable according to the location from where it is taken, due to numerous environmental, biological and anthropogenic factors.

The exceptional characteristics of seawater from the Bay of Saint-MALO.

Seawater from Saint-MaloThe Bay of Saint-Malo constitutes a unique marine ecosystem thanks to its geographical location and very shallow depths. With an average of 10m, the tidal range within the bay can reach 16m during high equinoctial tides. This exceptional tidal range, the greatest in Europe, ensures that the entirety of the water in the bay is renewed with every tidal cycle through interchange with offshore waters. Since the seawater within the bay does not stagnate, its chemical composition remains relatively constant and never subject to alteration.  Thanks to its continuous exchange and flow, this particular seawater also benefits from a higher oxygenation, favouring the growth of organic matter (phytoplankton). This organic production serves as the base of a complex, rich and diverse food chain, constituting the typical flora and fauna found in the Bay of Saint-Malo. All of these unique characteristics combined lend exceptional potential to the seawater found in the Bay of Saint-Malo.

The seawater from the Bay of SAINT-MALO bottled in every PHYSIOMER product.

All PHYSIOMER products are produced from seawater found in the Bay of Saint-Malo. Electrodialysis treatment ensures that its richness in minerals and trace elements is preserved: Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, Iron, Copper, Manganese, Zinc, Selenium… PHYSIOMER products are thus composed from 100% seawater taken from the Bay of Saint-Malo, without the addition of any other component and with no dilution. This composition guarantees optimal efficacy from the minerals and trace elements present in seawater across all the different indications of PHYSIOMER products.