PHYSIOMER, 100% seawater, but much, much more

PHYSIOMER: an effective solution in an ingenious packaging

The specific packaging of PHYSIOMER leads to a solution that is: 
Seawater nasal spray
  • Safe: the bottle uses a mechanical diffusion system with no propellant gas.
  • Hygienic: the unique, patented production process guarantees a sterile solution, even when used intermittently.
  • Gentle: the solution is sprayed at room temperature.
  • Practical: the unbreakable bottle can be used in all positions.
  • Effective: three spray strengths, depending on the age and type of symptoms


 PHYSIOMER, an isotonic range for routine nasal hygiene

Our modern lifestyles mean that the mucous membranes (or mucosa) of our noses are subjected to daily stresses. Urban pollution increases the amount of irritants that we inhale from the air around us. Overheating of our homes makes the air we breathe in very dry. Finally, caring for children in crèches, nurseries or in community situations promotes the transmission of germs between children. The nasal mucosa needs to adapt to these changes to eliminate germs, irritant particles and pollutants carried in the air we inhale.
PHYSIOMER isotonic solutions have a similar salt concentration to that of the human body and are therefore physiological. By moistening the nasal passages and enhancing mucociliary clearance, they help the mucous membranes fulfil their role. They are therefore ideal for daily use to ensure perfect nasal hygiene and prevent respiratory infections.
  • PHYSIOMER Baby Mist: with its unique, comfortable nozzle and safety collar, the product is perfectly designed to make cleansing baby's little nose easy.
  • PHYSIOMER Kids (from 2 years): its gentle mist means children are less surprised when the spray is used to cleanse their nose.
  • PHYSIOMER Normal Jet for adults and children over the age of six years: to be used daily to aid the elimination of abundant liquid secretions.
  • PHYSIOMER Strong Jet for adults and children over the age of ten years: its strong jet aids the elimination of thick secretions and dried mucus. It is ideal for post-operative care following nasal surgery.

PHYSIOMER, a hypertonic range to relieve nasal congestion

In the event of a cold, allergy or infection, a nasal congestion reaction may develop. The mucous membranes fill with water, swell and trigger a blocked nose sensation. PHYSIOMER Hypertonic is the ideal solution in this situation. Its salt concentration is slightly higher than that of the human body. Once it has been sprayed onto the surface of the mucosa, the PHYSIOMER solution creates an imbalance between the external environment, which has a higher salt content, and the cells of the mucous membranes, which have a lower salt content. To restore this balance, the water contained inside the cells of the mucosa moves towards the external environment to dilute the excess salt. This water-mobilising effect is known as osmosis. Having thus got rid of their excess water, the mucous membranes are less congested and breathing becomes easier.
  • PHYSIOMER Hypertonic solution can be used from the age of two years as a chronic treatment for the symptoms of nasal congestion encountered in the event of a cold, allergic rhinitis and rhinosinusitis.
  • PHYSIOMER Eucalyptus solution for use from the age of 6 years combines the efficacy of the hypertonic solution with the fresh effect of the eucalyptus/mint natural aroma. A solution to relieve congestion in three minutes in the event of colds or flu.
 PHYSIOMER offers a broad range of products suitable for routine situations and for use by all the family.