How is Physiomer made?

The benefits of seawater within everyone's reach

PHYSIOMER is the result of a determination to offer everyone access to the benefits of seawater, in a safe, sterile and practical packaging. The production process used means that all the advantages of seawater are preserved.

A solution containing 100% seawater

Seawater is not simply a saline solution. It contains several minerals and trace elements with proven effects on the cells of the nasal mucosa.
To ensure all these properties are preserved, PHYSIOMER contains 100% seawater. Consequently, its unique formula sets it apart from seawater-based solutions containing only a third seawater (for isotonic solutions, two thirds for hypertonic solutions) or normal salines that are simply salt water solutions.

PHYSIOMER: a unique production process

The seawater is collected from the waters off the bay of Saint-Malo and transported directly to the Saint-Malo pharmaceutical facility. It meets the same requirements as those for the production of medicines. First of all, any impurities (plankton, sand, microorganisms, etc.) are removed from the seawater by filtration.
At this stage, the seawater still contains a high level of salt, which could irritate the nasal mucosa. The electrodialysis step filters out this salt without affecting the rest of the minerals present in the seawater. The final solution has a salt concentration identical to that found in the human body - this is called an isotonic solution – or a greater concentration in the case of a hypertonic solution.
It is now ready to be packaged into bottles. This step is performed in a sterile environment. This unique process, patented by Laboratoire de la mer, guarantees the sterility of the solution without the need for preservatives or other chemicals that may be aggressive for the nose. 
There are regular quality controls throughout the production process, from extraction of the seawater to the placing on the market.
These measures ensure that consumers are supplied with a natural, high-quality product that meets the most stringent international standards (EC standards, sterile A label).

PHYSIOMER: a unique formula

This production process leads to a product with a unique formula. It combines 80 minerals and trace elements present in the seawater in Saint-Malo bay at optimum concentrations.
It has a physiological pH, i.e. slightly basic, like the pH of the nasal mucosa. 


PHYSIOMER is a hygienic solution, guaranteed to be sterile without the addition of preservatives or chemicals.
Choosing PHYSIOMER means choosing a natural, effective product that offers all the benefits of seawater.
PHYSIOMER, 100% seawater, proven efficacy