In case of allergic rhinitis

How is PHYSIOMER most effective? 

Sensitive nose prone to allergic rhinitis? PHYSIOMER offers a whole range of solutions adapted to your particular symptoms. When allergies strike, PHYSIOMER Hypertonic is the decongestant treatment that combines both efficacy and tolerance. PHYSIOMER Hypertonic does not cause dryness and carries no risk of habit-forming.
Used daily during the pollen season, PHYSIOMER Normal Jet is a valuable ally in the prevention of allergic attacks. In effect, regular nasal cleansing with PHYSIOMER Normal Jet clears the airways of allergens and thus either delays or even prevents the onset of an attack.



PHYSIOMER Hypertonic has been clinically proven* to ease all symptoms of allergic rhinitis:
  • Rhinorrhoea reduced by 38 %
  • Congestion reduced by 45 %
  • Sneezing reduced by 61 %
  • Itching reduced by 70 %
PHYSIOMER Hypertonic also helps to reduce the need to use medication, including corticosteroids and antihistamines.
PHYSIOMER can significantly improve patients’ general state of.
*Randomised clinical trial carried out under otolaryngologic control on 256 patients (above 12 years) suffering from persistent or intermittent allergic and non-allergic rhinitis or rhinosinusitis, for at least 2 years, divided into 3 parallel groups.

Thanks to the benefits of seawater PHYSIOMER enables you to:

  • Improve mucociliary clearance and clear airways
  • Reduce the duration and intensity of allergic rhinitis symptoms
  • Limit the need to use medication.

UNIQUE to PHYSIOMER, treat AND repair

PHYSIOMER preserves 100% of the minerals contained in seawater. 

PHYSIOMER solution:

  • Aids repair of the nasal mucous membrane which becomes irritated during an allergic reaction 
  • Improves mucociliary clearance and clears the airways
  • Helps to control inflammatory response
PHYSIOMER can be used during pregnancy and breastfeeding (except for PHYSIOMER Eucalyptus which contains Essential Oils).
PHYSIOMER is safe for use in high-risk patients after medical advice: diabetics, patients with heart conditions, thyroid disorders, elderly and multi-medicated patients, asthmatics…